Substation tours

We will be offering a number of local substation tours during the CIGRE conference.

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first serve basis. A registration link will be sent to all registered delegates as soon as all details have been confirmed.

Substation Tours will be offered for Administration Council Delegates on Monday September 11th

Substation Tours will be offered for B5 Delegates on Tuesday September 12th

Substation Tours will be offered for AORC Delegates on Wednesday September 13th

Itinerary (B5 / AORC)

8:30am Meet in front of Owen G. Glenn Building
8:40am Bus Departure from Owen G Glenn Building
9:00-12:00 Tours of two substation locations (light morning tea will be available)
12:30pm Return to Owen G. Glenn Building for lunch

Itinerary (Admin Council)

1:30pm Meet in front of Owen G. Glenn Building
1:45pm Bus Departure from Owen G Glenn Building
2:00pm Tour of Glen Innes substation
4:30pm Return to Owen G. Glenn Building

Substation Location Visits

Hobson Street Substation (B5 / AORC)

Transpower, in conjunction with local electricity distributor and infrastructure company Vector, redeveloped Hobson Street Substation in 2012 to reinforce power supply to the Auckland CBD.

Hobson Street Substation is connected to the 220 kV (NAaN) cable circuit between Penrose (to the South) and Wairau Road (to the North), supplying power through Auckland and to North Auckland.

The 220 kV equipment is all GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) with a 220/110 kV, 250MVA transformer (T12) that connects to Vector’s 110kV subtransmission system. You will have a chance to see both the Transmission and Distribution side of Hobson Street Substation during the tour.

Site Information
Connected customer Vector Ltd
GXP Peak 106MW
Site Voltage 220/110 kV
Year commissioned 2013
Region supplied Auckland CBD

Henderson Substation (B5 / AORC)

Henderson substation is split into two main switchyards, one for the 220 kV equipment and one for the 110 kV equipment. Following a recent outdoor-to-indoor conversion (ODID), the 33 kV switchgear is contained within an indoor building. There are four transformers, two 220/110/11 kV and two 220/33 kV transformers.

The site also has several historical buildings no longer operational and a transformer refurbishment workshop is extensively used by Service providers. The protection panels are in two areas of a traditional control room.

Site Information
Connected customer Vector Ltd
Transpower Property Land 9.8Ha
GXP Peak 139MW
Site Voltage 220/110/33 kV
Year commissioned 1940 (77 years)
Region supplied Northwest-Auckland


Glen Innes Substation (AC)

This substation consists of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) which is one of the largest grid-connected Tesla Powerpack in the southern hemisphere. The facility includes 24 Tesla Powerpacks totalling 1 MW/ 2.3 MWh at the Glen Innes substation, originally installed in 1954. Equivalent to powering 450 average homes for 2.3 hours – the BESS allows Vector to continue to provide a secure, reliable power supply and, in addition, the technology is modular and movable, meaning it can be relocated to other sites if required.



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